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Habitat's vision: a world where everyone has a decent place to live.


Home Preservation

Volunteers Helping lower income families with modest home repair and improvements.

What is Home Preservation?

Home Preservation is a program of Habitat for Humanity of Roosevelt &Curry Counties that helps low-income homeowners by offering minor home improvements. Volunteer teams work to improve the condition of homes by painting and preforming minor repairs at minimal costs to the homeowners who would be unable to complete the repairs on their own. Able-bodied homeowners are encouraged to work alongside the volunteers in a cooperative effort. This program is for homeowners earning 50% or less of the median income for the county in which they live. (Income Guidelines are below.)

Testimonial From David, in charge of our Home Preservation Projects.

At its core, this program is all about, bringing the community together to help everyone around us have a decent place. Habitat has finished another repair, and would like to thank all those that have made it possible. It’s truly heartwarming to see such strong ties in our community, pulling together to help one another. We would like to thank Matt Elbus who was a great help throughout the project, a volunteer who showed up to lend a hand every time we asked for volunteers Our most recent repair included tile work and roof repair, we were pleasantly surprised by consistent friends and family helping throughout the job We hope to continue to reach out to the community and have the community reach out to us in turn. God Bless

Scope of Work

The program focuses primarily on home revitalization through exterior painting and minor home repairs. Paint and labor are offered at no cost to the homeowners. Minor repairs are offered at our discretion. Homeowners are responsible for the cost of additional materials for such repairs. Sample of activities at various levels of skills/costs:

Level I (low cost/low skill)

  • Window Repair (screen, glass, glazing)
  • Scrape, paint, caulk
  • Minor siding & trim repair
  • Landscaping (pruning, trimming, weeding, reseeding)
  • Clean up, brush removal, junk removal
  • Board replacement in porch, stair, or ramp
  • Minor roof repair
  • Door replacement

Level II (increased skills and costs)

  • Major roof repair/replacement
  • Porch/stair/ramp construction
  • Extensive siding and trim repair and/or replacement
  • Window replacement
  • Weather stripping
  • Interior work (only as it relates to exterior work)

Level III

  • Partnering with other agencies for interior renovations and energy retrofitting


Homeowner Requirements

Homeowners are required to provide the following to the best of their ability, which constitutes the minimum "sweat equity" component of the Program. Additional "sweat equity" may be required for higher level projects:

A Clean, Safe Work Environment

  • Remove any pets or small children for the work area
  • Remove any tripping hazards, breakables, personal items, etc.
  • Sweep, dust, degrease, as best you can
  • Provide adequate ventilation

Water and possible food (depending on the scope of work)

  • Water is a must for all volunteers to stay hydrated
  • Snacks should be provided if the job is less then four hours of work
  • Lunch should be provided if the crew will be working all day

Partnering with the volunteers

  • To the extent the the Homeowner or a family member is physically able, he/she should work alongside the volunteer crew.

Providing the necessary materials

  • To the extent that the Homeowner is financially able, he/she ill be required to pay for the materials needed for the work. If the Homeowner is unable to pay for the materials prior to the work being done, Habitat will request payment in monthly installments, based on what the Homeowner can afford.


How do I apply?

In order to apply for the Home Preservation program, the Homeowner must fill out an application. Applications are accepted based on our volunteer availability.

To receive an application, please stop by the Habitat Restore in Clovis, call the Habitat office at (575) 359-1344 or email us at habitatrcc@yahoo.com and an application will be mailed.

Along with the Application, we will require copies of the following items:

  • Income verification for the past 2 months, including any child support or public assistance
  • Last 2 bank statements, including name of bank and mailing address
  • Proof of homeowner-ship (property tax or mortgage correspondence

Income Guidelines

The chart below lists the income guidelines. The family's annual gross (before taxes) income must be below the maximum income shown in the chart:

Family Size
Roosevelt Maximum Annual Income Family Size Curry Maximum Annual Income

**Numbers as of 05/30/2017


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